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You should test your system each month
How do I test my alarm system?

     To place your system in test, simply call APG's Monitoring Center (C.O.P.S.) at 800-367-2677, as if you are cancelling a false alarm. Then tell the operator you would like to put your system on test for an hour or so.

When identifying to them you will need to provide them with:
  • Your Name,
  • APG's Reciever number: 375,
  • Your Account Number: _ _ _ _,
  • Your PASSCODE (the simple 'word' or 'phrase' you choose at the setup of your monitoring),
  • Do you with to put the whole system in test, or just a particular zone, &
  • How long you wish the test period to be.
Once you are off the line, go to your keypad to begin testing your system.
        1. Make sure you know how to Disarm your system. (usually a 4 or 6 digit code number)
        2. ARM YOUR SYSTEM.

You must make your system think you are leaving the house in order for the motion detectors to completely arm. So after you have ARMED the system, open the front door and close it again as if you had left the house, otherwise, the system will think you armed the in EXIT or AWAY mode by mistake and will automatically shut the motion detectors off. 

This is a safety feature that assists in preventing false alarms (and may be disabled at your request).

        3. Your system will continue beeping until it is armed completely.  Once the system is armed completely and it stops beeping, you can walk through the room as if you are a burglar.  The motion detector should see you and trip the alarm within a few seconds (there is a short delay from when the motion sees you and when it trips the alarm).

If you would like it to send a signal to the central station, allow the system to sound for approximately 1 minute, then disarm the system. If you disarm your system too soon, usually within the first 30 seconds, it may not communicate with the central station. 

This is a safety feature that assists in preventing false alarms (and may be disabled at your request).

Your system will then have an alarm in memory, to clear this for most systems, simply arm and disarm the system again, without setting it into alarm.

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